Problems with collapse/space

Hi community,

I have some problems with collapsing items.
Evrything works fine aslong as i don’t have any elements next to it.
Here is a preview about what goes wrong.

So this is my editor view.
as you can see i have some boxes with collapsed items in it.

without the image right of it evrything works fine.

But the second i add the image next to it.

The elements are still collapsed but the location of the boxes are not send to up.

any idea how i can make this work with an image to the right?

Kind regards,

small note:
The text on the image are also text elements, they are not drawn on the image itself.

This has already happened to me. Place all the container boxes inside another container box that when collected, they will return to the place of origin, without having such a large space between them.

Hi Gu,

Thanks for replying,
I will take a look at it tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hi Gu,
That seemed to work like a charm :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

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