product id

Dear support,

i need urgently your support,
how can i get the product ID from the page that is dynamically created by the wix store to continue my insert to my collection.
anyone can give me the code ?
thank you.

Hello Elie,
The integration between wix code and wix store is not possible yet.
It should be released in the upcoming weeks.


Hello everyone,
After a year, is anyone know how to get the Product Name or Product ID from the Product Page that is dynamically created by the wix store?

I am beginner, please help.

You can now get access to the product and all its details
See here:$w.ProductPage.html#getProduct

  .then( (product) => {
    let productName =
    let productDescription = product.description;
  } )
  .catch( (error) => {
  } );