Product page doesn't update with the updated data

I have created a function to update the price, depending on the language.

The price is well updated when I log the response, but on the article page the page doesn’t change, even if a reload the page.

changeCounty ( product . _id , wixWindow . multilingual . currentLanguage == ‘fr’ )
. then ( res => {
console . log ( res ) // THE PRICE IS WELL UPDATED
wixLocation . to ( wixLocation . url )
. catch ( err => console . log ( err ))

Hello, I may be misunderstanding what you have shared but I don’t see any code here that is trying to update something in your products collection or in an element. Is there more code to share?

changeCounty() is the backend function I made to update things. Which works. As showed in the post I call a function that does the update, using then I log the response which log the product with the price updated.

The problem is that the frontend doesn’t follow the update, which make sense so I update the page using wixLocation . to ( wixLocation . url ) but even after a reload the product are not updated, even if there are updated in the collection