Programmatically Synchronizing Contacts

Our marketing team has created a Wix website to complement the cloud-hosted web application our development team has built. We want to write a program that will periodically read the list of users currently registered in our web application and load them as contacts into Wix for use by our sales and marketing teams. Wix does not seem to be conducive to this type of programmatic access. The only REST APIs I’ve been able to locate are available for consumption only by Wix apps that are registered with the Wix marketplace. Given the lack of API endpoints, I tried to write a Selenium bot that would automatically log in to Wix, navigate to the Contacts page for our Wix website, and then programmatically import a CSV file containing our list of users. Unfortunately, this bot was blocked at the Wix login screen by the use of Google Recaptcha technology. Does Wix expose any APIs that are accessible to non-Wix applications, and if so, where can I find the documentation for these?

You can create your own api in Velo using the Wix-http-functions app

You need to make sure that you provide sufficient authentication into the service you design to protect site security. But what you want to do should be feasible.

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