Protect content by limiting logins to 1 session/device OR SMS verification

I am developing a member site that has exclusive content for paying members only. These pages that hold the exclusive content are protected with permissions for “paying customers” of a certain plan. I would like to protect my client’s content further, by limiting the active logins to 1 device at a time. I have recently found a site that sells content that is not theirs at a discount, by signing up and paying for that content once, then selling their login credentials to hundreds of people.

I know there was a previous post on this type of concept, but figured I’d refresh it. Is there a way to limit the amount of logged in sessions per user to 1 session or device at a time?

Another thought is an SMS verification, to where if a login attempt is made on an “unrecognized” device, it would prompt a verification SMS sent to the original owner of the login credentials. Then, the only way to successfully login after that would be to input the verification code.

I believe either of the above options could work, just depends on if its ever been done in this fashion. Any help or advice would be highly appreciated. TIA!

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Hi Tia,

This can be done with one or more of the methods mentioned by you, each method is fairly complex to be done here, I’ve done login history and security for a few websites in the past, if you’re interested I can build it for you.

UPDATE: After speaking with WIX support, Velo and numerous developers, this custom functionality to limit logged in users to 1 device is not currently possible. Some developers have told me they created code to make this functionality happen, but I have not had good history in the past going that route.

But the phone number verification upon login is possible using a Velo Package, connecting to Twilio API. Im in the process of integrating it and testing it, will post back here with updates on if it functions well or not!

When they said it’s not currently possible, they meant out of the box, not sure who told you it’s not possible with Velo, but apparently, they’re not skilled or experienced enough for not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible if you don’t know who the " Velo Masters " are, I suggest that you do your research about us.

I have not had good history in the past going that route.

Can you please explain what do you mean?

@ahmadnasriya thanks so much for your feedback! Of course I have never done any sort of business with you, but I am just speaking from experience. Ive dealt with 3 WIX partner/developers in the past. They told me they needed to create their own coding, and wound up creating more issues. Although they did create the functionality I needed, issues like slow site loading times, glitches, etc. started to happen. Functionality was spotty and eventually had to start all over again. Again, not specifically saying ALL Velo developers, just the ones I’ve dealt with. Would love to speak in further detail with you if you’re interested in a gig like this!

I want to know the device from which the member has logged in… each time a member logs in…
So that I can block him if two members are trying to login with the same Google id

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I need the same thing, any luck?

Would this work?

  1. Create a database collection to store user login information.

  2. Write a function to check if a user is already logged in.

  3. Modify the login process to include a check for concurrent logins.

  4. Implement a function to clear the user login information upon logout

Is this the SOLUTION your looking for?: