Query Results Undefined - Scope Issue ?


I’m trying to perform a query and store the results to a variable outside the scope of the query, but inside function the code sits within.

If I console log the results (as pointed to by the variable) it works within the query.

However, if I log the results outside the query (using the same variable) it comes back as undefined.

This looks like a scope question. I create the queryresults variable outside the query and it sets okay within the query, but then loses it again outside the query.

Can anyone help please ?

Here’s the code:

let queryresults ;
let query = wixData . query ( ‘Stores/Products’ );
query . find (). then ( res =>
queryresults = res ;
console . log ( “queryResults=” + queryresults ); <<Returns " queryResults=[object Object]" in log <<
. catch ( err =>
console . log ( "problem in search! " + err );

console . log ( “queryResults=” + queryresults ); <<Returns " queryResults=undefined" in log <<

Your last line runs before the promise gets resolved.
This is how it’s expected to work.

Aaah, so I should add an await on the query. Tried that and it works ! Thank you J.D.