Query result - does anyone know how to use condition “and”
I need to return a query
if typedoc = dropdown1 And year = dropdown2
then show results

I am using filters

I have no Problem using .or

any help ?

And is &&

export function go() {
var year
var typedoc

if ((year===‘#dropdown1’) && (typedoc===‘#dropdown2’))


. catch ((error) => {
let errMsg = error.message;
let code = error.code;

it´s not showing anything, I have no idea why is not working… don´t have any message error

I’m just an end user. But from the looks of it, var and tyedoc are defined in their respective statements in a null condition.
I could be wrong but it looks like your conditional statement is false. So I’d assume nothing happens.

Thanks Charles ,

I have values in dropown1 and dropdown 2.