Querying through databases help

Is anyone able to help me figure out why when I query and add the items to a “let item” variable, the item is not being populated.

Wix Editor? Wix Velo?

What are you trying to achieve:
I’m working on a school project where we create a website that’s for student evaluations for their team mates. I’m trying to query through the database to populate dynamic information specifically for the student that is logged into the website. For example, I pull the current user’s email from the Members/PrivateMembersData database, then use the pulled email to query and find the user’s school ID, now I’m trying to use the pulled school ID to find the courses that they are enrolled in. These are also all in separate tables, such as a table dedicated toward user info, then a table dedicated to information dealing with student groups and who’s in the group, and another table dedicated toward course information. Now I’ve pulled the current user’s email, queried to be able to find their school ID, now I’m trying to find the courses they’re in but nothing is being populated into the item variable that I’m setting the resulting items to. I also can’t view if it’s being populated or not at all in console since for some reason in preview mode it can’t find the school ID. But it works fine if the website is published.

What have you already tried:
I’ve tried dumbing down the testing to show up in a textbox while testing on the published site but just get the default text. Other attempts with fiddling with testing to see if anything gets populated I got blank textbox.

Additional information:
I also know that what I have is probably super scuffed, but I’ve only started understanding how to code in Wix Velo.

If you want to understand even more, then you already know → then i would recommend you to use more -----> CONSOLE-LOGS !

The CONSOLE is your → BEST-FRIEND → but as i can see → you are not using it at all.

Start to use the CONSOLE and help yourself. In future you will understand how IMPORTANT the CONSOLE is (not only for DEBUGGING) !!!