Question on event handlers

Can we add two event handlers simultaneously to an element?

Yes, with dynamic binding. I mean this:

$w.onReady(function () {
	$w("#button2").onClick(() => {
		console.log("first action!");
	$w("#button2").onClick(() => {
		console.log("second action!");
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Thankyou very much!
Much appreciated

Can you help me out here?
I want to add another event to button 34 so that when a user clicks log in, he is logged in and simultaneously directed to a dynamic page(with just one click).

You should use this -

notice that you actually should generate url by yourself. I mean prefix + key field of dynpage

From article about members profile page, you can just add this -${});

anywhere, so navigating will hapeen after login
On your screen there is not enough code to show where to insert it)

I took example from article and inserted this code -

You should add this line after

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Ok thankyou!