Random rotation of blog posts (for a complete novice)

I am using a blog on my site. Instead of having the posts appear in a “last shows first” order, I want to rotate them randomly, so readers get a taste of everything without digging deep. I may also just want to manually re-order the posts.
I understand this is only possible using Velo. I have never used Velo, and though I have some coding experience in the past, prefer not to learn the whole thing just for this one issue.

Is there a way I can get help here - a snippet of code that I can insert somewhere that will do the job (or instructions on what I should learn in order to do it)?

I never worked with blog-posts, so i can not imagine your project-setup.
But what you can do —> take a look if you have an already created database for your blog-posts?

Blogs are applications, and they have internal collections which are exposed via API (read only). I hope this answers your question.

did you found solution to randomize posts?

its been a long time-
Has anything changed on this matter?
Any new way to randomize a list of posts?
or at least offer ONE random post?

Not as far as I am aware of.

Yup. You could use listPosts function listPosts - Velo API Reference - Wix.com , randomize entries through javascript, and then use a repeater to show the details with a link to the blogpost itself.