Razorpay (HDFC Bank)

Actually we have a domain and hosting with Wix. So coming academics year onwards we start to collect the fee through online so we need Wix to integrate the API so anyone makes the payment so we can confirmation mail goto on PGHELPDESK (HDFC). So I want to how to integrate the API in our domain.

You can use the Stripe Payment Processing example to see how this can be done. Contact the service provider for details on integrating with their API.

You might also want to consider using the payment processing options in Wix .

Following on from Yisrael’s post too, check out previous forum posts about it too.

Or check Razorpay’s own website for more info on their own API and how to integrate it using html, although the API would be the bettter option and the more secure one too.
https://razorpay.com/docs/api/ .

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If I do connect razorpay’s HTML on WIX.com would people be able to do payment and come back to wix website for payment successful @givemeawhisky

You can’t do this using Razorpay’s HTML, however you might be able to do what you want by interfacing with the API using Corvid.

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As Yisrael has already replied to you, not through their html method.

Although if you had read the previously linked forum post, you would have read that it could be possible through API.