Read data from "Live database" to text field!

I have a text box on my website and would love to read text to it from the database in a loop, where the text changes every after 5 minutes. Inotherwords, the text box should fetch a different text from the database every after 5-10 minutes. If there is another option other than reading the data from 'Live database," please share.
Help will be much appreciated… :slight_smile:

Hi Emmanuel,

What I would do is create a collection with multiple items, and connect the text box to a dataset. In order to loop through the items, I would use the dataset “next” API in combination with the JavaScript “setInterval” API.
You can read about them here:

Remember that you need to switch back to the first item once you reach the last item in the dataset.
Read the dataset API and see how you can do that.

Good luck!