Redirect All Pages without hurt SEO?

We will redesign all website (almost every single element) and we want to redirect users to another page while we are redesigning the website (We will just copy and paste the design from another Editor so it will probably take no longer than 4 hours).

How can I redirect users using Router without hurting SEO? Do you know any article about this (no problem with code I just don’t know which API should we use to redirect pages without hurting SEO)

Generally, using the wix_router.redirect should be fine for SEO. For your case, you can explicitly set the 302 redirect status code, or leave it blank since that is the default code wix_router.redirect is going to use. 302 tells visitors and crawlers it’s a temporary redirect. Here’s a link for more info - A Guide To 301 vs 302 Redirects For SEO

4 hours generally should not hurt your rankings too badly I’d imagine, either way. Just keep in mind that you can’t create a router for the homepage path (“/”). That may require you to handle your own routing using for the redirecting, although not ideal.

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