Redirecting from *** to my premium domain

Hi all,
I created a website *** that worked for some time and has been already indexed by Google. Now I bought a domain and connected in my Wix account. So far so good and I can access my website both using *** and new domain URL. I now configured Google analytics to my website (it could not be done unless I buy a domain). My problem is that the statistics in Google analytics seem to appear only if I access my website using my new domain address (but not *** Is there a way to configure that when a page is accessed as *** it is redirected to the corresponding page with my domain? As far I checked, the 301 redirect option (Setting Up a 301 Redirect for a Page on Your Site | Help Center | does not permit to do that.

Many thank,

Hi Vadim,

I don’t believe you’ll be able to do anything on the Wix side, as the only way to add Google Analytics to the Wix site is to have purchased a premium account with Wix.

However - if the only thing you want to be able to do is see how many people are coming to your new domain via your *** - perhaps you could go to your Google Analytics account and click on “Acquisition” to see where your traffic is coming from. For each item on the list here, you can click on it to get more detailed information and see what numbers you get from your ***

Hope that helps!

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