Reference data set edit!

as i am trying to build a panel for my website members to add some data, i had noticed that i am not able to connect reference field for edit or add

therefore, may i ask for upgrade so that as in wix database, wix form can also work similer by editing reference fields.
or if it can be done please assist me in that

thank you
best regards

despite no answer which seems no body interest to help

found another issue with reference fields, those reference field with multiple references can not be connected in dynamic pages as well

which makes reference field useless !!

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Hay Ahmed,

For your first question, how to update a reference field - when you connect a dropdown to a reference field, the list of items is automatically taken from the referenced collection. Just validate that it is working for me.

You are right in that if the reference is marked as multiple items, you cannot connect a dropdown to it yet - but it is in the plans.

Dear Yoav,

thank you for replaying back, the issue was more like when updating a reference field

so this is what happen,

  • set 2 databases
  • connect the referenced database to database 2 (no problem)
  • showed value from database 1 (no problem)
  • connect value to database 2 ( comes gray - cannot select)

therefore when making a page for members to edit data (reference field) i were not able to, searched in the form and could not find a code that hints how to code it.

it would be nice if there is a video to show how to do this

it will also be nice to have at my other posts, having issue with setFilter as it is not working (even the given code !)