Registration Form how to add one more field, confirmed password

  1. I could not copy the password control box and renamed as confirmed password at the default registration form.

  2. I tried to add one more input as password, no such option,
    as password could be used once only.

  3. I tried to add one more textbox as my custom registration form and change it to with password format. It is still does work.

According to this tutorial, I use the script
$w ( “#myTextInput” ). inputType = “password” ;
Property ‘inputType’ does not exist on type ‘TextBox’.
System shows inputType is invalid property value.

I omitted the error and preview the form,
No matter what I have inputted into the textbox, the content inside of the textbox would be shown.

At the customize registration form, I could not add a input control, password

It is not what I want.

At the default registration from , I could use the InputType to change a textbox into password.

$w . onReady ( function () {
$w ( ‘#txtConfirmedPassword’ ). inputType = “password” ;