RegistrationResult no longer containing sessionToken

wixUsersBackend.register returns a RegistrationResult, which used to contain a sessionToken if status is Active, that can be used in the calling frontend code in to login the new user through w ixUsers . applySessionToken ( result . sessionToken )

This is confirmed by the docs

However, this stopped working and I can see that the sessionToken is no longer part of the returned RegistrationResult:
Just a status and user:


I tried changing the code to the new authentication.register from ‘wix-members-backend’,
but this has the same issue, there is no sessionToken returned, only a status and a member:

	"member": {
		"_id": "a78417a5-0a6a-4f7e-bc01-285cf5f1af34",
		"id": "a78417a5-0a6a-4f7e-bc01-285cf5f1af34",
		"profile": {
			"nickname": "Ronald van Voorthuizen",
			"slug": "asd123jhkg123"
		"activityStatus": "UNKNOWN",
		"privacyStatus": "UNKNOWN",
		"status": "UNKNOWN",
		"_createdDate": "2021-12-09T13:51:44Z",
		"_updatedDate": "2021-12-09T13:51:44.977Z"
	"status": "ACTIVE"

What happened to the sessionToken in RegistrationResult??

Wix-Users is a depricated-API! → New one is → Wix-Members!

Yes, I know. as you can see I have also tried the new API.
BUT: it also states in the docs “This function will continue to work”