Related Items Repeater Error

Trying to create a related items repeater for products on my store. I have followed Wix’s tutorial on creating a Related Items Repeater (Velo Tutorial: Adding a Related Products Area to a Wix Store Product Page | Help Center |, created my relatedproducts datebase and added the code but it’s still not working.

For example Product 1 - related items should be products 2-4.
Product 5 - related items should be products 6-8

When I click on product 1 it shows products 2-4 in related items (as set up in my relatedproducts database). When I click on product 5 it still shows products 2-4 in related items (despite setting up the relatedproducts database to show items 6-8 for this particular item). Anyone know a fix for this issue? I really need to get this store online.

Any help is appreciated!


If you followed the article you should be in the clear.
Please share a link to your site so one of us, the WixCode team, can inspect it and provide you with a solution.

Note that only authorized personnel can enter the link and inspect your site.


Hi @doron-alkalay , the link to my site is


Hi @awood12829 !

It seems like you’ve added the code to your site code editor instead of the dedicated relevant page editor.
You can see that most of the reference fields ( $w(‘#something’) ) are showing an error, thats because the relevant one’s do not exist in all the pages.
Start from editing the code to the relevant page and see if it works for you.