Reload an HTML Iframe

Hello Guys,

I have a HTML Iframe on wix page. How can I reload an Iframe by clicking on the Back Button. I am trying this from few days and have searched everywhere. I am unable to implement this feature. Please help me on this. I would really appreciate.

Thank you

To load data into HTML-Component…

In this case a LINK…


Hello Ninja,

Thank you for the reply.How can I get the URL of my HTML iframe on wix page. I am using the following code to get and set the URL of my Iframe, but it is not working.

let compUrl = $w ( “#dragDrop” ). src ;

  $w ( "#dragDrop" ). src  =  compUrl ; 

How can I reload the HTML Iframe. If I am using the following code, then it is replacing the HTML Iframe with the wikipedia page.

$w ( " #dragDrop " ). src = “” ;

Thank you. I am trying this from few days. Help would be appreciated.

Drag&Drop is not supported in VELO.
There is no existing API for this feature i know.

If you are working with a DropDown, then take a look here…$w/dropdown

You can control the loadings of your HTML directly from your DATABASE.

  1. This for you will have first to create setup a DATABASE.
  2. Next step would be to use either a DATASET, which would be connected to your dataset, or using Wix-Data-API if you want to go the CODING-WAY.

Since i do not completely know hwat exactly you are trying to achieve it is hard to give you any specific advise.

The dropdown gives you 2 different possibilities how to work with it’s data…


Use one of these for your purposes.

Hello, I am not working with drop down. I am working with HTML Iframe. Just need to get a URL for HTML Iframe and reload the iframe on the click of back button.

Hello Ninja,

I am not working with drop downs. I have an HTML Iframe on wix page. I want to reload the Iframe on Back button click. How can I get the URL for HTML Iframe and reload.

where is stored youur html-url ???


  1. click onto BACK - BUTTON
  2. wix-data-API → queries your database and searches for a specific data (iframe-URL)
  3. Once the rihgt data was found —> store it in wix-storage
  4. and navigate back to your wished site.
  5. after redirection you the → BACK-SITE…
  6. starting onReady emmideatelly a function, which call the data out of storage and puts the wanted URL directly into HTML to load the HTML on the BACK-PAGE…

$w ( " #html1 " ). src = “” ;

Next time please use better IDs for your elements, which do not confuse :rofl: