Remove Digital Product Icon - Shop

Is there a way to remove the digital product icons (downward arrows) within the Wix shop. There appears to be no setting to do so. Perhaps it needs to be done with code? If so, how?

They are horrible. Just adding a comment in support of your Q.

Hey @rainergroup ,

I’m Shiri from the Editor X team, Thank you for reaching out.
We are not able to reproduce this issue. Could you give further information or share a link?

It will be best for you to get live assistance. You can contact support here , they will be happy to bring up your site and help you fix it.

Its the little download icon that is a set feature on all digital products in the wix store app. Not a malfunction, rather a feature. It makes one almost think you can ‘download the image’ rather then ‘buy the product’…if that clarifies anything…

@dczamedia Thank you for this clarification. I can now reproduce. I will do some investigations and will get back to you.

Hey @rainergroup & @dczamedia ,

Just wanted to give you a short update.
I communicated your request to our eCom team. Unfortunately, currently, there is no way to remove icons. But they will definitely take it under consideration.

Thanks @shirim for looking into this. I won‘t hold my breath as this ‘feature’ has been present since the inception of digital products.

This should be considered a bug and rectified immediately, not a feature request. The download icon only holds it’s placement when displaying product images of the same ratio. Include various image ratios (say for a photographer) and things get messy.

The current fix which i‘ve see many use when selling digital products is to use the pro image galleries instead of the shop and then link each individual image in the gallery to the relevant product page.

But this is time exhausting and you lose the features and benefits of the shop, such as collection filters and product sorting.

Guess im stuck with an ugly, messy, buggy looking website for now :weary:

Hi! any change on this feature? I would really like to get rid of this digital item icon. @shirim