Remove OVERLAY so content is still usable w/ open lightbox

Is there a way to delete the the overlay entirely using WIX code so that lightbox is available on screen while still being able to click the content behind it?

I don’t just want to the overlay to be see-through I want people to be able to use the site while still having the light-box visible.

I’m using the light-box to act as a quick menu on my mobile site with icons which launch various things. I currently use a bottom light-box which (when launched) locks this menu to the bottom of the screen. I can still scroll behind the light-box which is good BUT when I want to click anything the light-box disappears. I’d like it to stay.

(If I opt out of the ‘clicking closes lightbox’ in the overlay settings, it just makes the rest of the site useless until they manually close the lightbox to continue.)

Is this possible? I’d like it to look / function similar to this (example from app):

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Hello Thomas,

The lightbox is nested inside a bigger box. While making it transparent is possible, it is not possible.
to allow users to click on elements below it.

Feel free to post your request in our Feature Request section

Hi Thomas,
The easiest solution is to use a container box pinned to the middle of the screen, and hide it by default.
Show it when you need it, it will give you the LightBox effect without the overlay, and all of the objects in and out of it will be clickables. When you are done with it, just hide it again.


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Hi Luigi

That option works great on desktop but unfortunately, the function to pin to screen (baring a fixed menu) isn’t available on mobile yet.

Will just have to wait and see if WIX can make it available in the future.


I see, but don’t give up, there is a solution for that.
You can still show the container in the middle of the screen without pinning it.

Position your container horizontally in the middle of the screen, hide it, and when is time to show it up, scroll the page automatically to the container’s position or you also can use an Anchor to locate your container.

This will help you:

Many thanks for the suggestions!

I’ll give them a go and see if I can make them work with my idea.



Yes Luigi, once I’ll pin to the screen it will be loked and I can hide the page and go on and update it when I need it, but this will call the page update that will take a second or two. Maybe you have ideas to avoid that update? Is there anything? I really need that feature to avoid this unnecessary Overlay in the Lightbox.

I need this too!

Hey thomas did you found a solution for that ?

i need exactly this feature too!!!