Repeater Connected to Database Shows Duplicates

I have a database of projects, and when I add a repeater to my site & connect it to the database, I am having trouble getting it to load properly.

1. When I click the entire repeater and connect it to database, it only pulls one project in.

2. When I click one image in the repeater and connect to database, it pulls the same data into all 3 spots.

Hello Chelsea,

even if this is actually a Corvid forum where you only deal with code-relevant topics, my suggestion to you would be to check your connections, if these were setted right. The repeater is just a reflection of your dataset.
So check the repeater<—>dataset-connections.
Check also the databasepermissions, perheps it helps to find the problem.

Hi :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

As russian-dima said, this forum is dedicated to code related issues.

And as an extra tip for you, Dynamic pages has only 1 item in their dataset since they show one item at a given time, you better add another dataset and connect your repeater to it.