repeater - expandable text box...different text in each element

So I just coded the show less / show more buttons but now the elements have the same text of the first one (guessing because it is in the repeater) also when i click on show more all the text boxes expand and not just the one i clicked

can someone help please?

Is the code attached to the repeater item or to the repeater? You need to specify the item by using:
let $item = $;
and then accessing your item as $item(“#txtFIeld”).text to update a single instance. Otherwise, setting:
will update every instance of that field in the repeater.

thankyou worked perfectly

is there anyway to code the text boxes to be the same height? mybe setting a character limit on the textbox?

Mariona, If I cleared your issue, could you please mark my reply as answered to stop other people working on it. Thank you.

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Simply have a look at Nayeli (Code Queen) tutorial and youtube video here.

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Another way is to use .padEnd() , and create whitespace to guarantee that the text is always the same amount of characters long.