Repeater in a repeater, not possible?

I am building this page:

There are multiple builds per character, so that comes from a builds collection and its presented through a repeater. Then for each build there are recommended weapons which comes from a data collection linking builds to weapons with an order field (num) so I can showcase the weapons in order of preference. As you can see from the live page it is not working as the ‘build’ repeater is not accepting the ‘weapons’ repeater. I could work around this by hard coding weapon 1, weapon 2, etc but that seems a bit of a waste and not a proper database solution. Is there a code solution here?


Currently you can’t have nesting repeaters (unless you wish to develop your own repeaters from scratch in a custom element).

Alternatively, you can put a table inside a repeater.

Let the product team know you need this feature! You can vote for this feature request here:

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Ok, I have voted. It honestly seems like an absolute must have regardless of this having only 49 votes :slight_smile:

There must be many scenarios where you need to run a nested query. For now I will just hard coded weapon slots I guess but this kind of defeats the purpose of having this all in data collections.