Repeater in a Repeater

The new multiple select reference field is awesome. I have been migrating over some hack jobs that I did before to get around this limitation. One thing I can’t figure out is how to make a repeater in a repeater. As an example, if I have Films and Actors and I want to list all the films in a repeater and have pictures of the main actors in each row, how can I do that? I want to pull it from a repeater, but that doesn’t work. Suggestions?


Hey Rodd,

You can add a table to your repeater to do that and then use Filter by Dataset.

Take a look here: CMS: About Displaying Content from Multiple Database Collections Using Reference Fields | Help Center |
and here: CMS: About Displaying Content from Multiple Collections Using Datasets | Help Center |


Yes, okay, thanks for this… very helpful… tables are a bit troublesome formatting wise, but technically it works… thanks!


Thanks for this… your comment also got me thinking about the ways that I could use data-linked galleries within the repeater, which is the way I ended up going because of the limitations in formatting a table - Ie, I wanted to apply a circle mask and also wanted the list running horizontally.


Please God, add this feature!


hi i was looking for some help with my table in my repeater. the information giving above are interesting but i don’t think it would work with what i have in mind. i am making a comment section with the repeater as my comment section and my table as replies.

the only problem is that not all comments have replies which i don’t think will make this method work. instead it make the same comment repeat.

i tried to search for method to work put i just don’t know how to go with this.
i found information about repeater coding and manage to make my table content an alt with the comment id. that is as far i could go ^^’ i just don’t know how to make it that only a certain table get the reply.

can someone please help me?

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I thought this was a great solution! Is it possible to do something like this in EditorX? The current version doesn’t allow tables.