Repeater Items Not Showing on Published Page

Having an issue where only 6 out of 11 repeater items are showing up on when publishing my page on Wix. They show up fine in editor and when previewing. Permissions are set to “Site Content/Anyone”, Mode is set to “Read/Write” and number of items to display is set to 11 (I’ve adjusted this number to 12 and 20 as well). Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

I have not used any custom code. Connecting via dataset. Not using Sandbox mode.

On my first quick look onto your setup, i recognize the relation between your issued situation and the given setup.

Isn’t it strange that 5 of your last given MEMBERS in your DATABASE are all the same?
Istn’t it strange that exactly these ones you do missing?

What if you would have 11 MEMBERS all different?