Repeater Saving Filters on Return


I am implementing a Repeater that shows data from my database on user filtering. Each element on the repeater has their own dynamic page. I want the users to be able to make a filtering, click into a page and see back the same results from before when they return back through the go back button on the dynamic page.

I implemented the filtering, the display of the results, and the dynamic page. I am currently trying to implement the last part, having the same filter selection upon getting back to the search page.

I would appreciate any ideas on how to implement this on Wix. I have thought about using a variable in the browser’s cache to store the most recent selection but I believe this might not result in the expected behavior if the user is not getting to the page from the dynamic page.

Hi ,
What you should do is use the wix session .
you can store data in the session.
so you could store the data in it to filter.

So what you should do is.
When going to the page search for the filter in the session, if there is nothing stored, do nothing.
Else use that data to filter.

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,