Repeaters and Dataset

Hi I am a graphic designer so not strong on coding - but can do some. Here is a list of issues as a Wix Arena designer that I have run into:

  1. Dataset does not allow for paragraph breaks like the old lists or specific highlighting of text with specific links within text paragraph - not like the old lists - if it does now it’s not without a go around or coding making it not user friendly for clients.

  2. I have clients that need these lists for PR - so the ability to be able to load in links to news media, podcast and video in 1 list is now gone…you have to do multiple lists to cover each type of media and if the client HAS a blog then telling me to put it in the blog is not an answer when they utilize that blog for other info - not media oriented. It also is problematic since they often reference the Media page to media outlets to go to who do not want to sift though a blog and just want the current item.

  3. Removal of the “continue to next page” without coding is an issue - I have many clients that have long lists and want to show 5 items with continuation to a new page load - that now has to be hard coded. See pictures or go to
    Go to

  4. It is really frustrating for clients to not be able to see what is in the data set on the actual repeater in editor. - I am strongly requesting that a similar list option to what was offered before be put back into play or the data set be adjusted - if you go to See below:

I have had to create a fake sort to get around the need to have the founder listed first - but the bio does not allow a view of the whole text (like the old lists) and again no way to put breaks in to separate paragraphs.

Also if there is anyone out there that can help me with the code to “load more” that would be appreciated - I have tried putting in, with no luck. This is a feature I am going to have to use a great deal so if this will not produce a similar situation as the old lists then I need that code and where exactly if should be placed in the code area. - thank you - Deb

  .then( () => {
    console.log("Done loading more data");
  } );