Repeaters are not displaying the data from array

i been trying to connect my repeater to a external dataset (google sheets), but the problem here is , the data is showing up in a JSON array but not displaying the content in the repeater. please help :slight_smile:

the repeaterData = array is working fine ,
the problem is with

$w('#mockDataRepeater').onItemReady(($item, itemData) => {
            $item("#title").text = itemData.TITLE;
            $item("#content").text = itemData.CONTENT;
            console.log("printed the data successfully 1")

Do the items in your array have an _id property? They’ll need one or otherwise the Repeater won’t display it.

Also in the future please paste code as text and format it as such:

const myCode = ‘here’;

export function myFunc() {
    return true;

This will then format your code to display properly (example below) and make it much easier for people on this forum to help you.

const myCode = 'here';

export function myFunc() {
    return true;