Repeaters + Container Boxes with shadow hover effect?

I want to apologize in advance for being brand new to Wix + Velo (i am a backend SWE though). I am trying to accomplish the following:

  1. Have a Dynamic Page which servers my products.

  2. Each product on it has the usual (image, button, price, name). This product is on some background - let’s say white and has a 1px border around it. The image is not the whole background.

  3. Upon hover on the product , I would like the border to change to a shadow type of effect or say a bolder border (at this point i almost don’t care).

I have followed multiple tutorials and videos at this point. I have also ready many questions on the forum and unfortunately, a lot of answers/videos appear to be for perhaps older versions of the Dev Tools in Wix. I have also tried using different Repeaters from the “Add…” options and edited them… but even so, when I enable the Hover Interaction the only options are for things like “rorate/expand/etc…” - nothing about actually changing the background behind the image/price/name. Supposedly, I should be able to click and edit the Design of the container on Hover, but that is not what i am seeing when I enable Hover Interactions:

I think that I am supposed to have a Repeater with a Container Box . Within the Container Box , i need to have the image, price, name. However, I can’t seem to figure out which Repeater preset I need to add to make this work. So i have two questions:

  1. Am I thinking about this in the right way or is this just something that is not possible?
  2. If this is not baked into the existing options, can I code it up (literally say stuff like “onHover add me some border on this thing”?