Request: ability to select hyperlinks using $w

I have two code snippets which I want to add before the end of body tag. One is an analytics script and another one is a code snippet to change all hyperlinks so that it matches our styleguide.

The purpose of analytics snippet is analytics which is non-essential. If the user refuses all cookies, this won’t function and that’s fine. However, this also rejects the code snippet that is used to stylize the links. I would expect a way to add another custom code at the end of body with a different purpose but wix does not allow this!

An elegant solution would be to be able to provide a way to select hyperlinks using $w. And add the code within dev mode to the masterPage. Is this possible? What do the developers of wix think about this?


I don’t a reason why you won’t be able to add a custom code snippet regardless the cookies consent. Maybe you have problem with your code.

Let me correct you, the custom code added before the end of body categorised as analytics won’t be executed by wix if the cookie consent was refused. This is how they have built it. And secondly, wix does not allow us to add multiple code snippets at the end of body under different categories! Do you understand?

Maybe. I haven’t tried it.

I agree that adding the ability to select hyperlinks using $w would be incredibly helpful. It’s frustrating that it’s not an option now - styling elements all at once should be a basic feature and should not require the absurd hack suggested here I’m surprised that there is not a customizable “Anchor” or “Link” style included in the Themed Text in the editor.