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Hello wix community,

I am creating a request appointment form for an health care website. Where customers quickly book appointments which are then approved or declined by a site admin. A site visitor can request a service booking using a simple quick book form. I know the admin can view all of the requested bookings But I want the following things to happen.

  1. whenever someone clicks the submit button the details entered in the form should go to a specific email id that I prefer ( In this case the customer care officer’s mail id, who schedules the appointment of the patient depending on the doctors schedules and availability ). So that person will later contact the site visitor over phone or email to confirm their appointment request.
    Note: I want only to request an appointment. I dont want the online payments.
    Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks


Check this link out it might be helpfull :

Another option would be to use contact form and set the email:

Or lastly you can build you’re own customized form. follow those video tutorials:

Best of luck

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Thanks much for your response. The form customization video really helped me. Also I’m trying to link the “submit” button to my e-mail and it doesn’t seem to work. I’m expecting the data that a user enters to be e-mailed to me so I can receive a notification there instead of always checking the database for a user submission. Is there any way to do that?


Follow the steps in this article to know how to link a button to an email address.
And for Sending an Email on Form Submission this article will be so helpful.


Hello there, thanks much for the response. Sorry for writing back late. I was on break. I have to start working on it again. So will try all the steps you said and will get back to you if i get stuck any where. Again I appreciate your work much.