RESOLVED: What happened wix? (Editor-X)

Wix whats going on?

This simple code do not work anymore, just few hours ago, everything worked well…

$w.onReady(function () {

This is a simple code for a - - > SWITCH-BUTTON. This is (not)working on a totaly blank TEST-PAGE.

And here the RESULT…

And in PREVIEW-MODE → everything OK!

@Marlowe (Wix)
Could you pass this on to your team?

Got the same problem here, when using my radio button it gives the same error

Thank you for the confirmation, it just happened some minutes ago while i was testing CODE. All Editor-X gone crazy since about 30-40 minutes.

Mine is just normal editor, not editor-x
I had te problem an hour or maybe 2 before aswel but when i refreshed it was gone, now it keeped on comming

Hi Kristof and Dima,
Can you please share the URLs for your site so we can investigate? Thanks.

We just rolled back some changes. Is this resolved now?

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Seems like you did a good job miss Marlowe :wink: :blossom::blossom::blossom::blossom::blossom:
For me, it works again! THANKS!

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For me it also works again,
Thaks :slight_smile: