Reverse video.

Is it currently possible to reverse a video with Corvid? I tried this but it says that .playbackRate does not exist in a strip:

$w('#columnStrip2').playbackRate = -1;

What I want to do is to reverse the video in the strip when I click a button, here’s the code I’m using now:

function closeanimation() {
  $w('#box1').hide('fade',{ "duration": 2000 });
  (here goes the code to reverse the video)
export function gallery1_itemClicked(event) {
  setTimeout(() => {;}, 2000)

Any ideas to do this? Thanks in advance.$w.Video.html$w.VideoPlayer.html$w.PlayableMixin.html

No reverse or feature to change the video playing speed in there unfortunately.

The closest you got is the seek function.

You can see if you can see if you can add it via html with playbackRate coming from that, or see if you can add a node package that will give you the additional functions for your videos on your site.

However, it will be interesting to see if anybody has as you can’t access the DOM through Wix, so not certain that this can actually be done.

Ok, thank you.

@b4443569 Yeah, either iframe embed or better yet Vimeo’s API already available in Wix’s npm packages:

Downside is it’s a third party thing and requires PRO, but it’s there if you need it.

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Thanks for that bit of info, I would definitely go down the Vimeo own API route if I had to use something like that, although having to pay for pro is a bit of a bummer, wouldn’t be too bad if it could just be done with the plus version as well.

@givemeawhisky Np, it’s not the cheapest but Vimeo does have a lot of great features.