Round the corners of a section

I want to round the corners of a section. How do i do that?

Wix Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
I have a welcome section. I would like to round the bottom corners of that section. I tried shape dividers but it doesn’t exactly help in simply rounding the corners. I would like my welcome sections bottom corner to look like this:

What have you already tried:
I tried to enable the dev tools and created a styles.css file in the public code section. then i tried to write css code to round the corners using the section id “section1” but it didn’t work. I am not very good at coding so i don’t know what to do next.

Additional information:
I googled a bit and found that all the tutorials are pointing towards how to round the corners or edit similar features of an element inside a section but not the section itself. that is, i can write css to manipulate an element inside a section but i can’t find a way to manipulate the section.

It might be possible to apply CSS - alternative (and the method I tend to use for these cases), is to add a stretched container to the section and then placing everything within the container. This way, you’ll get the full editing capabilities of the container (corners, border etc.)

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Are you using the regular editor or the studio editor?

I’m using the regular wix editor