Save Theme should include line and character spacing

Constantly updating the line and character spacing for every block of text I create has become the single largest use of my time.

Why, when I save a theme style, does the line and character spacing get ignored? Those are key pieces of customization for graphic/web designers the world over…


Did anyone get an answer to this concern?

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@mcshock86 Nice try. Not using template monster though.

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This is NOT a template issue. This happens to me on every single site I design and I never use templates. Many of my images/text fields get automatically shifted around when resized for different screen dimension viewing, usually on the smaller sizes like tablet/mobile. I noticed that the images get moved around and text fields would get squeezed then shifted the text down to the next space (below), altering and ‘pushing down’ all of the content on that particular page. It looks completely ridiculous when many text fields are affected like this, even if it’s only one. The entire page will be all over the place, also affecting the view in the mobile version.

The only work around for this I have found is to make all of your conflicting text fields waaaaay longer than where the text actually ends. This way, when the screen shrinks / ‘squeezes’ the text fields, it will have some extra room to not over squeeze that text box and cause it to shift down. BUT, this should DEFINITELY be fixed!! I spend HOURS and HOURS all the time going back and forth resizing all the text boxes. Then you can fix it perfectly and if you happen to add something else, back to resizing. Sometimes that doesn’t even work 100%. I have a home page on one of my sites that I have literally tried every resizing ‘hack’ I know of and one of the images still gets slid over. So sad and frustrating.

Can we fix this Wix?? This was posted about 3 weeks ago already…

Anybody, is there a feature request for this??

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Yea this is still an issue. I’d like to override my paragraph theme to include .1 additional character spacing but it wont allow me. I don’t get it.