Save URL in the form in my collection database

Helle, I would like to save the link users used to visit my page. in this example, some users are coming from “www.example. com/video-order-page?longAnswerField=case+name&shortAnswerField=name+witness”.
I want to save this link in the form database.

Right now, I have
import wixLocation from ‘wix-location’ ;
$w . onReady ( function () {
console . log ( wixLocation.query );
$w ( “#input5” ). value = wixLocation.query [ “shortAnswerField” ];
$w ( “#textBox1” ). value = wixLocation.query [ “longAnswerField” ];

What can i do to save the link?


Hello peeps, anyone :slight_smile:

You are trying to get all the links → users are using on your website?

For example you have several BUTTONS, which guides your USERES somewhere.

Once clicked on one of the buttons —> !!! BOOM !!!

You saved the link ?
You saved the click-counter?
You saved the time?
You even maybe saved the user who clicked?

Is that what you want?

You already generated a DATABASE for all the DATA ?

I have links that are unique that users are going to click from different places on my app. For example, www.example. com/video-order-page?longAnswerField=case+name&shortAnswerField=name+witness Will autofill “case+name” and “name+witness” in the form and when its submitted I need to also save the original link used “example, www.example. com/video-order-page?longAnswerField=case+name&shortAnswerField=name+witness” because i will need to re-share this link in future dates.

I just need to save the link. The database contains and already saves the default stuff that was created with the form, I haven’t created anything new as of yet.

You are looking for this

It will take the whole URL of the user on the page.
there is cleaner methods to do this but based on your above code I suggest you make another form field, and write code

$w('#inputFullURL').value = wixlocation.url;

if you don’t want people to see that line remember you can hide/collapse it from the form, its still considered a field that will be saved into your form database.