Save user edits in a repeater

I have a data collection that I am displaying in a repeater. I want to allow an internal user/developer/administrator to edit and save text to any item in thee data. Just an internal tool on the local site. Not accessible on the live site and no external user input. Here is a screenshot of one item in the repeater. Not pretty but good enough for an internal tool.

When I click on save I want my code to update the text fields in the existing record in the collection. I have verified that the onClick event is firing but edits are not being saved. Here is my code. I am obviously missing the target with my approach. Can anyone help me understand how to make this work? Much appreciated.

import wixData from ‘wix-data’ ;

$w.onReady( function () {

console.log( “On Ready” )
wixData.query( “Projects2” )
.include( “categoryId” )
.ascending( “sequence” )
.limit( 30 )
.then((result) => {
$w( ‘#repeater1’ ).data = result.items;
$w( “#repeater1” ).onItemReady( ($item, itemData, index) => {
$item( ‘#textBox3’ ).value = itemData.projectName;
$item( ‘#textBox2’ ).value = itemData.projectDescription;
$item( ‘#textBox1’ ).value = itemData.projectDetails;
$item( ‘#text42’ ).text = itemData.categoryId.categoryName;
$item( ‘#textBox4’ ).value = itemData.sequence.toString();
if (itemData.projectsInclude) {
$item( ‘#checkbox1’ ).checked = true
} else {
$item( ‘#checkbox1’ ).checked = false

        $item( '#image5' ).src = itemData.image1; 

/ });

export function button2_click(event) {
let toSave = {
“projectName” : $w( ‘#textBox3’ ).value,
“projectDescription” : $w( ‘#textBox2’ ).value,
“projectDetail” : $w( ‘#textBox1’ ).value,
“sequence” : $w( ‘#textBox4’ ).value,
“projectsInclude” : $w( ‘#checkbox1’ ).value
}; “Projects2” , toSave)
.then( (results) => {
let item = results;
​$w(‘#repeater1’).projectName.text = $w(‘#textBox3’).value;
$w(‘#repeater1’).itemData.projectDescription = $w(‘#textBox2’).value);
$w(‘#repeater1’).setFieldValue(‘projectDetail’, $w(‘#textBox1’).value);
$w(‘#repeater1’).setFieldValue(‘sequence’, $w(‘#textBox4’).value);
​$w(‘#repeater1’).setFieldValue(‘projectsInclude’, $w(‘#checkbox1’).value);