Saving form to dataset failing on production with ServerValidationError: Record saving failed

Errors upon save:

UserError: datasetApi 'save'operation failed
Caused by: ServerValidationError: Record saving failed

Form looks like this after submit, all input/submit fields besides the radio option “Jah!/Ei” are connected to the dataset as I am overwriting this field with boolean via code.

Changes to dataset storage (before save):

$w('#dataset1').onBeforeSave(() => {
        if ($w('#radioRating').value === '') {
            return Promise.reject();

            rating: $w('#radioRating').value,
            recommended: $w('#radioGroup1').value === "Jah!",

Only thing I can think of is that I opted to remove sandbox option in datasets during development which I am unable to add back. Could this be causing issues with storage on production? Can it be re-enabled somehow?

And to re-iterate, this works in Preview. But, it does not work on Production. I cannot find validation issues, so I am unsure what steps to take next.

Issue is resolved. For anybody else viewing: it comes down to permissions. Preview likely considers one as an admin hence it didn’t encounter any errors. But, for public the access needs to be set to Anybody for the form to save.

I am unable to close this without deleting it as it may be useful to somebody else, so I will leave it to the admins.