Scroll to repeater item by code (overflow item)

May I ask is there a way to scroll the scroll bar to an overflow repeater item by code? (last item in my case)

In EditorX, I have set the repeater as “slider” and set overflow to “scroll”, so when there are overflow items, I can scroll down with the scroll bar.
I tried to put the code below to scroll to the last item.

$w("#repeaterMessages").onItemReady(($item, itemData, index) => {
    if(index === $w("#repeaterMessages").data.length - 1) {

However, it scrolls to the “hidden” overflow location of the repeater item, which is outside the repeater box.

Instead, what I want is inside the repeater box, the scroll bar scroll down to the specific repeater item.

May I ask how to do that?
or any way to control the scrolled position of the scroll bar by code?

Thanks for your help!

You might want to post this question in the Velo forum, where it will be seen by more people with coding expertise: