Search function cancelling out dropdown

In a page that has a dataset, I have set up two ways for a user to search for information - a dropdown (user input feature) and a search field (custom coding). Both work well, but once I use the search function, I can no longer use the dropdown function. The dropdown only works as long as I don’t use the search. I’ve ensured both are connected to the same database, and I’m not able to figure out how to make both work!

This is the page - it’s hidden as it’s wip:
Because the main dataset is a dynamic collection, I’ve added another collection so that the dropdown function and the reset button work.

This is the search field code I’m using (I’m not a coder, and I’ve copied this from another tutorial):
import wixData from ‘wix-data’ ;

  • Adds an event handler that runs when the cursor is inside the
    input element and a key is pressed.
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  • @param {$w.KeyboardEvent} event
    export function input1_keyPress ( event ) {
    // This function was added from the Properties & Events panel. To learn more, visit Velo: Working with the Properties & Events Panel | Help Center |
    let SearchValue = $w ( “#input1” ). value ;
    $w ( “#dataset1” ). setFilter ( wixData . filter (). contains ( ‘specialization’ , SearchValue ));