Search Page

Hi! I’m trying to add a search bar to a blog page and was wondering if you can only have search functionality on one specific page and not have it search the entire site for keywords.

Also, on the search page itself, I want the header of the site to remain, but it seems to always overlap the “search results” text. I got rid of the “search results” text and was left with a large gap between the header and the results box. Any help with any of this would be much appreciated!


You can filter the search results in the settings to: products or page ect.
I also had trouble making this work on the header so i used a page for the search bar and added it to the menu…not many people use it…
It sounds like you need to check where you’ve docked you “search result” box (stretch it and add some margins) adjust on all Breakpoints to make sure it’s not overlapping with the header.

Hope this helps…

Forgot…i copied the search bar and pasted into section on new page.