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I am new to wix and i know nothing about coding. How ever I created a website for the school where I am working. Now, I want to upload Transfer Certificates of students to the site. It should be in a tabular format which is having Fields like Student Name, Admission No., TC No. and Scanned Image of TC. User must be able to search for their Name, Adm. No. or TC No and the specific TC should be expanded in full view when clicked. Can anyone help me with this ??

Thanks in Advance

Hi Abhilash!

You can easily create a simple page for each student by using the “Dynamic pages” feature.
Here’s an article that explains what they are and how to work with them.

In these pages you basically creates a single format of page and populate it with different data every time.
For example, you can use a table in your dynamic page, that will show the data of the student once you search his name.

Note that in any case, this kind of feature like you’re describing, will require some coding skills.
Let me know what you think and need and I’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.


I was wondering how I can make images on the website searchable

Hello Diana,

it would be better if you would open your own post with your own topic instead of bumping up an very old thread.

Create your post and describe your issue as most as possible in detail, so everybody can understand your problem.

The more INPUT => the more OUTPUT :wink:

@russian-dima alright, thanks for the tip!