Sections shifting horizontally

My sections on my home page of the website shift in horizontal direction (please see below) when I touch to scroll them.
However I do not notice the same on my other pages.
Is there a setting I could play with to remove this issue?

Hitesh Manglani

Hi Hitesh, Im Ido from Editor X,

The horizontal scrolling is caused because there is probably an element or a margin thats is set to a fixed value (pixels). It’s causing the element to stick out of one of the sections. You need to look for the element thats causing it.

If you want to share the url of the published site I might be able to assist.


Hi Ido,
Thanks for getting back to me.
Please see the url of my published site:
The only page that I am facing horizontal scroll issue is my homepage.

Hi Ido,
I actually found the issue, one of my stack was set at 104% width.
Thanks for the help!!

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Glad it was resolved!