Secure parts of pages to members only

I would like to create a page were some of the content is available to everyone while other parts of the page is only visible when the user is a paying member. Is partial member only pages possible? I guess I could do an onload check member status and then hide the elements. Just wanted to see if there is a simpler way but not bothered if I have to write code. One thing is the elements are connected to data sets so I have another question, can I affect their connectivity status and add members only content instead of just hiding the elements?

Just do a simple show and hide on these pages, so if a member has logged on and is using the site, then these hidden elements will be shown to them, whereas any user who isn’t logged in won’t see them as they are hidden.

You can also do these hidden elements as collapsed or expanded too, so that they don’t take up any room on the page if they are not shown.

Or do it through Wix User roles or pricing plan etc.$w.HiddenMixin.html$w.CollapsedMixin.html

Another option would be to do something like a members profile page, so that they can have their own page which shows their own data.