Seeking Collaborators in Illinois Market

I am a WIX Design Expert looking for collaborators. I’ve got clients on a waiting list… Need help. Looking to expand in the Illinois market, but clients are from different states and some are international. Would love to have a quick chat if interested.

Collaboration type:
Freelance projects

Project details:
Would need someone to do maintenance projects on traditional WIX sites and have the skills to build new sites on the new WIX platform.

Ongoing projects as needed by clients

Additional information:
I work with small business owners who need starter sites. I also help them get set up on Google (I am a Google Certified Trainer). Would be a plus for collaborators to also have this expertise.

PLEASE EMAIL ME at and send me some sample sites you have created and I will get back in contact with you. Thank you!

Hey Angela!

I’ve been using Wix for more than 5 years now and am currently in the process of creating my own website on Wix Studio! I also specialize in Wix Velo, and would be happy to collaborate with you! (:

Feel free tp reach out to me on:

Best Regards,


Do you work with specialists from Ukraine? We can help to your clients

Hello! Thanks for your reply. Can you send me some links to some sites you’ve created?