send contents of dataset via triggered email


I need to include multiple rows from a custom dataset in a triggered email.

I have have successfully sent the triggered email, however, it only sends one row of the datasets order. This time it was the 95th out of 101 line items.

Is there a way to iterate through the dataset and include all of the line items for that order in one email?

try { 
    let ctr = 1; 
    wixData.query("customerLicenses").eq("paidOrderId", orderNumber).find().then((result)=>{ 
        if (result.items.length > 0) { 
            let nbrRecs = result.totalCount 
            let lineItem = result.items[0] 
            triggeredEmails.emailContact(triggeredEmailTemplate, contactId, { 
                variables: { 
                    firstName: ""+lineItem.firstName+"", 
                    lineNbr: ctr, 
                    license: ""+lineItem.prodLicense+"", 
                    prodName: ""+lineItem.prodName+"" 
    console.log('Email sent to contact'); 
    console.log(emailToFind + " " + orderNumber + " " + ctr) 
} catch (error) { 

Thank you