SendGrid truncates my email after less than 201 characters

Sending email using sendGrid all resources I have seen requires a “const Body” to define the body of the email. My sendGrid email Body contains a 900-character “Template String” but only 201 characters are included in the sent/received email body part. The rest have been truncated from the email body. No errors.
Since my email IS working correctly for 201 characters, I am thinking there could be a limit to how many characters can be included in the Body. I searched until blue in the face and cannot find anything about that anywhere. Can someone tell me it I am barking up the wrong tree or not. And if there is a limit, what is it? And what do I need to do to my code to send out 900 or more characters?

Thanks for your kind consideration of this issue. Any help I can get on this is much appreciated. I can provide code but am doubting that is the problem.

I changed the email, this time it is 2300 characters long, and it truncated after 941 characters were output. I noticed the place it truncated is on a number. I checked the data and discovered a semi-colon character was the next character to output before truncation. After changing the semi-colon to a comma, the entire problem went away and the 2300-character email was successful.