Sending the ID Field via Zapier

Hi all!
I am trying to send the ID field of my form submissions via Zapier to my CRM, but this field is always empty when I do my tests. Does anyone know if is it possible to send the system fields (like ID) data to other platforms via Zapier?

Never worked with ZAPIER, but if you would describe your project a little bit, perhaps i can help.

How do work all your process?
How is the process-flow?
Which are all the steps? Step-A to Z ???

Do you also have some code?

Thank you!

Zapier helps me to send data from Wix forms to my CRM (Pipedrive). What I want to do is submit the unique ID of each form submission to Pipedrive, something that would greatly improve my data integration.

I do not have codes to catch the ID yet, but I am using the ID field which is on my forms collection.

Sorry i am working just WITH CODE. If your issue is not CODE-RELATED, in this case i probably can’t help you, sorry.

But perhaps some of the posts can help you out…