SEO improvements on your site?

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Wix ekspert SEO analyse

As SEO lover I want to inspire WiX users to understand the importance of optimizing you and your clients websites - what is a website worth if you can’t find it??:man_shrugging:t3:

What Google says about SEO on WiX websites
You’ve might heard that wix has a bad SEO… but what you probably didn’t knew is that the Google Employee John Mueller have pronounced :
“WIX websites work fine in search.”
So it is pretty clear that you can rank just fine with WiX website - so what are you waiting for? :heart:

What does WiX do for improving SEO?
WiXs internal SEO team are working day and night improving the load speed of wix websites, canonical tags, better code packing, reducing duplicated content and ect.
But they need our help to prioritize the improvements, highlight new SEO opportunities and help them by giving them feedback.

Friends please engage, discuss and ask questions in the Tribes and let’s improve our websites together :heart::heart:

Get a short SEO analysis of your website
To share a little of my SEO love I wanna help out some of you - comment your website and I’ll pick a random one and make a short SEO Analysis of it :smiling_face:
Feel free to comment what you think that are key factors when doing a Keyword Analysis?

All the best
Magnus Gravenhorst
:heavy_check_mark:SEO Lover
:heavy_check_mark:Wix Expert
:heavy_check_mark:And happy to help


Hey now! This is exciting. So anyone can post one of their sites for you to analyze?

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Anyone can post and I will pick a lucky one :slight_smile:

@magnusgravenhorst Hi There, It would be great if you can give me some feedback on my site please -


can you do for mine also it will help me a lot


@magnusgravenhorst wesome it is. I hope wix will bring more flexibilities with SEO advancements. Thanks for the great content

Just for your info: The post was from 2019!

Hi there,
My website hasn’t produced any phone calls in the last 5 months, how can I improve the SEO